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I've taken down the Blog posts about the Ex. Realizing that no matter how desperate my pleas are for her to correct her wrongs, it's never going to happen. Well, never if I leave it up to her. I used to be a stronger person but I have been severely weakened by the events of the last 3 years. Lately I have felt that strength rebuilding and have decided to use it to my advantage, fixing the issues that haunt me daily. A smarter me, if you will. I can not leave my future in jeopardy, hoping that the one who has wronged me comes to her senses.

And with that, here are my 2013 resolutions.

  1. I will take the legal action I should have, and is now necessary, to correct the discrepancies she introduced to the courts when filing for divorce.

  2. I will be proactive in defending against further attacks or actions by using every legal means at my disposal, if any.

  3. I will move from my current location to somewhere safe and unknown to her.

  4. I will change my name.

  5. I will seek legal advice against her regarding defamation against the business by posting erroneous complaints then refusing to remove them.

  6. I will no longer allow her to wrong me.

  7. I will no longer post here under this account.

  8. I will no longer lash out at her publicly, or communicate with her in any way.

  9. I will no longer lash out at my 'family', or communicate with them in any way.

  10. If possible, I will take legal action against any and all forms privacy invasion. Online or not.

  11. I will try to file a restraining order against her once I've moved.

  12. I will remove and block hers and the children's phone numbers. It's just too painful.

  13. I will discard the last remnants of my past life including all 'family' items.

  14. I will move on.

  15. I will start over.

  16. I will not take my past with me.

  17. I will no longer wait for anyone to 'come around'

  18. I will never ask my family for help ever again.

  19. I will repair the damage to the business she has caused.

  20. I will no longer be there for any of them. Her or the kids.

  21. I will save myself.

  22. I will be successful

  23. I will be happy

  24. I will forget them.

  25. I will find a way to repair my health.

  26. I will quit smoking.

  27. I will realize I am better off without them

  28. I will re-find my balance.

Yep, it's a big list. I'm just going to be smarter about the choices I make, the actions I take and the friends I keep company with. While you might say this is nothing more than a wish list, well, maybe it is. But I am going to try. Even if I accomplish only half of what I've listed, 2013 would end up being a pretty good year.



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