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Carried by upon a winter breeze and gently wafting across my face, a familiar presence ignites my sleeping senses, alerting me to the unmistakable energy that now tickles my fancy. Through my opening eyes I see nothing but a winter sky painted in onyx. But this ever increasing presence of familiar energy is unmistakable and I am becoming intoxicated by it's touch.

I close my eyes and breath in deep. Immediately I am greeted by a rush of crisp night air, filling my lungs and reinforcing my senses. Though my eyes see but darkness a vision of light begins to appear. It is the vision an angel. The specter of a history now all but gone. It is of love and promise. It is the image of the one who left me behind.

I stand paralyzed, afraid to move or speak for fear of scaring this heavenly image away. My wanting is suppressed, I dare not touch. I do not speak to keep my forked tongue subdued. I keep my eyes closed so that she remains within my vision for as long as possible.

She simply stares at me. Looking into her eyes intensely emitting the luminescent color of emerald green, I sense her foreboding. Softly, she speaks to ask one question, "Why are you still here?" I understand her meaning instantly, but struggle to find an answer. At first, I am able to design many answers. Answers that quickly fade until I am left with none. As I raise my head to address her, I find she has vanished.

Suddenly I am forcefully awakened by pain that cannot be compared. I am cold and shaking. I rise quickly and snap my head from left to right to take inventory of my location. She is not here. My eyes begin to well up with the tears of regret and loss, flooding my heart with emotion that simply will not die. I feel empty. I am nothing more than a fool still in love with a memory that is no more.

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