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I've got to stop this. I've got to slow down. I've got to calm the storm brewing with a challenge from the bow. I almost lost the motion. The way the swells roll under foot. Melodic and gentle, a symphony unheard plays rhythms of life that gently roll by. Where I am is of no consequence. But I am certain of my end. A simple arrow pointed west, chasing in vain towards the Sun. I am following the path of those who already know.

I am lost in the rhythm. My words no longer rhyme. Unimportant is time and the demands of the others. I have set sail from those loved. Now left behind. The music is wondrous. My soul now l full. Now clarity and common sense and a want to be merciful. A want to feel love again. A desire to be needed. I am approaching with openness left behind by my hate. I will pray for forgiveness. If not too late.

The rhythm hypnotic. I see creation and life. I am loosing my race, the Sun is so fast, but in dying still very bright. I wonder if I will be. I wonder what I have become. I wonder what will be left. Who will remember me. I will still cry at night. But sometimes I smile. I took nearly too long. Almost too late. Destroyed all that was good. I held on to the hate.

The music plays softer. I now see the shore. I am told no more for today. I must try to be calm. I don't want to let this go. I don't want to smother. Maybe this feeling will grow. I understand it. I dream a fool's wish. I'll keep that for me, no one else needs to know. I like the smile it brings be. I like the warmth. The company. But I like where I am. I know what my heart feels. First time in my life. And I'll take this walk slowly. And I'll think things through. I'll be calm and understanding. And one day might be happy too.

Yes one day I will.

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Posted on 04:31PM on Jan 18th, 2013
Very nice.
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