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*To the one: While this post is not bad in any way that I can see, it may make you uncomfortable and you should probably avoid reading. ~BT

On the Lighter Side....

A need for leaving, an urge to go
An invitation given, to the one I know
Some company was needed, a distraction from the day
The comfort of an old friend, I stole away

Talking over dinner, sweet drinks do their job
A little sadness noticed, and many hours robbed
Slightly creeping, those emotions
Had to choke them back, ignore the notion

Her beauty led me from the restaurant lights
Not once a bicker or a jab, no sign of any flight
Returning home alone, I clean up fast and straight
You softly knocking on the door, And cleaning had to wait

Nervously I jabber, But you are calm and fine
I am back in high school now, while shaking, pour the wine
As bottles went and moods improved, we spoke a little easier
Some honesty and pain discovered,  those we could not recover

Still we smiled and joked a bit, and I didn't yell or cry
Right here speaking honestly, restraint I did not have to try
It was old and new and comfortable, much like that desert hole
Sometime talking about nothing, no need to play our roles

Every subject talked about, and every subject crossed
Some time spent on the tragedies, some time spent on the lost
She speaks it dear, her path so clear of what she plans to be
I can't compare, I do not dare (but would love to make her happy)

The wine long empty, the hours went too fast
Nothing this enjoyable was ever made to last
I walked you to the door and turned to say goodbye
Right then I new how much I loved her, didn't have to try

She glides away, alone to stay, her strength now clearly showing
With pride I smile (it's beens a while) just happy in the knowing
My thoughts turn quickly, I want to shout out, "please turn around and stay"
I hold it back, the fog now takes her as I watch her walk away.

I could not sleep, was too excited.
Amazed at what one boring night had invited
Just like the first time she came through my door
A cherished time with one I adore.

To the one: Thank you.

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Posted on 11:54AM on Jan 21st, 2013
An honor.
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